Why Myles Garrett Should Never Play Again

And why you should not make this about race and white privilege

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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett hits Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with Rudolph’s helmet. [DAVID RICHARD | AP]

What happened with Garrett was not unsportsmanlike conduct — it was assault.

On live television, he aggressively and intently beat a player with a weapon. Just like Randall being confused at how he got ejected when the tape so clearly shows him attacking after a play was over, there is no way to justify Garrett’s actions. These players are so self-absorbed and their coach isn’t any better. The only player on the Browns team to show some genuine hope was Baker Mayfield, who called the action inexcusable and that was immediately following the game on the field before everyone could get together on talking points.

  1. Kitchens has no control. History says that each of the previous Browns coaches were let go after a Steelers game. Kitchens had 3 ejections in this game, Browns have the most penalities since the 70’s and lead the league in ejections and penalties this year. Fear not: Cleveland comes to Pittsburgh December 1. Seeing if he can find some composure and leadership will be key during that game. Thus far his only leadership is creating dirty players.
  2. Some mistakes can change your life. I don’t know Myles Garrett. Many people including a former high school coach said this was uncharacteristic. His Twitter feed shows he gives back to causes. I’ve said this before: it only takes one PR scuffle to destroy a lifetime of brand building. I don’t think Garrett should come back to the NFL to play, but I do hope he finds a better way of handling situations and that he can find the light through the darkness and able to give back to the organizations he always supported.

MarCom consultant. George Washington University alum. Pittsburgh raised. lorencribbs.com

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